Why Don’t You Remove Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste removal is another topic we get asked about a lot in the junk removal business. So, why don’t we take hazardous waste?

To answer this fully, we need to define “hazardous waste”. Hazardous waste includes items such as paint, motor oil, chemicals, liquid cleaners, pressure vessels, fluorescent light tubes, and anything else that’s a chemical liquid.

In the Niagara region and Hamilton, there are basically two different ways to dispose of these. There’s the household homeowner way and the commercial way. 

Resident Hazardous Waste Removal Options

The household homeowner way is fairly simple, just take your car loaded up with whatever hazardous waste you have and drop it off at your local hazardous waste drop off depot. There are a few around the region and this is the easiest way to get rid of any of these hazardous waste items. 

Unfortunately, these same depots, that will accept these items from residents, will not accept hazardous waste items from a business like us, so those of us in the junk removal industry are kind of stuck in between residential and commercial disposal methods. 

Commercial Hazardous Waste Disposal Option

Commercial hazardous waste disposal, the second method available, is quite expensive – and there is a great deal more paperwork involved. This costs time and money, and here at Happy Hauling, we do not feel right having to pass these additional expenses off to the customer (for something they can do for free).

I feel like I should add here that it’s important that hazardous waste gets disposed of in the proper way through the proper channels. Sticking paint cans and other liquid cleaners and such in trash bags and throwing it in the garbage doesn’t sit right with us. We won’t do it – and neither should you.

It’s actually quite a luxury that we have in this part of the world that we can take all our hazardous waste to be properly disposed of at no charge, and I encourage all of my customers to do this!

Have a good one guys. 

~ Jonathan Lianga