Serving Hamilton and
All Niagara Region

Where Does The Junk Go?

As much as possible:

  • Concrete, asphalt and bricks are all recycled
  • Unopened non perishable food items are donated to Community Care Niagara.
  • TV’s and other electronics are recycled
  • Untreated, unpainted, unvarnished wood and any underbrush is burned (conditions permitting)
  • Leaves and other compostable yard waste is used as fertilizer
  • All metal and lead acid batteries are recycled through V&R Recycling.
  • Tires are recycled through various means
  • Anything that can be given away is given away
  • Anything that can be re purposed is re purposed.
  • Fire damaged, water damaged, broken or otherwise unusable items that cannot be recycled or re purposed are taken to the dump.

Please note that all personal information will be treated with care. documents, computers, and cell phones containing personal information will be taken to the appropriate places to be recycled or disposed of