The Problem with Recycling in the Junk Removal Industry

I often get asked if we recycle items. And I have to say, no, we do not. And this is why.

The problem with recycling in the junk removal industry is that it is simply not cost-effective, and because of this issue companies that actually do recycle are few and far between. 


So let’s have a look at the bare facts of it.  Lets say you have a load of garbage and there’s one large wooden hutch that could be reused.

Let’s play it out both ways recycling it and not recycling it.

So for the scenario where you don’t recycle it; assuming you’re leaving the customers house and travelling 20 minutes to the dump, using your dump truck or trailer and dumping it off with the rest of the load, for a hutch you would pay about 5 to 7 dollars in a dump fee. 

Now let’s play that out if you recycled it. Now the distance to the nearest recycling depot is going to be different in all of situations, but let’s just say you go 15 minutes out of your way. Then it takes another 15 minutes to wait in line then unload before you can leave. So you saved yourself the 5 to 7 dollars in the dump fees but you eat up half an hour of your time, not to mention gas.

So with the recycled way, between the wages of the two employees and gas you’re out about $35-$40,  but more importantly you ate up half an hour of your day where you could’ve been actually making money. 

Recycling can be a fulfilling, and crucial, part of junk removal, but you can see how the junk removal industry is pushing uphill on the subject for this economical reason. 

Side Note: If you would like your items recycled, you could try selling or giving them away on Facebook marketplace or Kijiji.

~ Jonathan Lianga