The Dirty Truth about Dirt Removal in Niagara

I hear from my customers all the time how difficult it is to find someone that will do dirt removal in Niagara. Let’s explore why this is and what can be done. 

Limited Options for Dirt Removal in Niagara

There are, by my count five publicly open dumps in Niagara, three of which are run by the region of Niagara. These have a strict policy not to accept dirt from businesses. They will except it from individuals that bring it in themselves, but as for someone like me running a junk removal service, no go.

Expense of Dirt Removal in Niagara

Of the two remaining dumps, one does except dirt, but at the same price as garbage by weight. What that functionally works out to be is roughly $100 per pick up truck load,  which is far more than any of us want to pay – and I certainly do not want to have to pass this cost onto my customers.

Other Options are Unreliable

I have looked into construction sites and farmers wanting dirt, but it’s hit or miss and they’re usually not in a location that makes sense distance wise. There are many dirt dump sites out there, but for a business to be able to get rid of something reliably it has to be to another business. The hard truth is that in Niagara there’s only one dump that will accept dirt and the price that they charge makes it untenable. 

So as you can see, the junk removal industry is rather crippled when it comes to removing dirt in Niagara, but there is another option.

What you can do with your dirt

Talking about industries that deal in agricultural products, landscapers are always using and needing dirt, so I would say instead of reaching for the number of a junk removal service, call a landscaper, I think you’ll get much further.

Take care

~ Jonathan Lianga