By the load!
Flat rate!
Serving Hamilton and
All Niagara Region


happy hauling trailer with prices painted on the side

1/4 Load
$145 Flat Rate (HST included)
500lbs max
2.5 cubic yards
3/8 Load
$170 Flat Rate (HST included)
750lbs max
3.75 cubic yards
1/2 Load
$200 Flat Rate (HST included)
1000lbs max
5 cubic yards
5/8 Load
$230 Flat Rate (HST included)
1250lbs max
6.25 cubic yards
3/4 Load
$260 Flat Rate (HST included)
1500lbs max
7.5 cubic yards
7/8 Load
$295 Flat Rate (HST included)
1750lbs max
8.75 cubic yards
Full Load
$325 Flat Rate (HST included)
2000lbs max
10 cubic yards

Call: 905-941-HAUL(4285)

happy hauling trailer with prices painted on the side

What We Don’t Remove

We do not remove:

– Tires

– Hazardous waste (paint, stain, varnish, chemicals, cleaners, pesticides, motor oil, flourescent light tubes, pressure vessels, asbestos)

– Railway ties

– Liquid waste

– Pianos, Large projection TVs, large chest freezers, whole hot tubs

– Used Hypodermic needles

– Bedbug infested items

– Dirt, Fill, Sod

Anything that requires more than two people to lift

Definition of a Full Load

A full load is:

A. Tightly packed and even with the top of the trailer
B. Loosely packed and slightly heaping.
C. Meets the weight limit of the trailer

Extra charges

Labour Charge – This includes picking up loose garbage, or walking more than 60ft one way. Please note we do not accept jobs with elevators or more than one flight of stairs

Overweight/Overfull charge: applied when a load exceeds the definition of a full load by volume or weight as described above

We will not use elevators to remove garbage

Fuel surcharge: Fort Erie:$20