About Happy Hauling – Junk Removal

Jonathan Iianga, owner of Happy Hauling Junk Removal in the Niagara Region.

The Story Behind Happy Hauling:

Hi! I am Jonathan Iianga (call me Jon!) and I live, work and play in the Niagara Region.

After spending too much time in higher education, disenchanted with the idea of a structured career, I moved back to Niagara, and took on various semi-skilled labour jobs to make ends meet.

After a few years of this, and some wondering about the direction of my career, I got married. Now as a married man, the pressure was on to find a productive career, and it essentially fell into my lap. It all started with removing some of the many tons of scrap metal that my dad had amassed over the past 40 years on his farm property. After getting a hang for the trailer and towing on the road, I discovered I had the knack and I enjoyed it.

Happy Hauling was founded January 1st, 2015 by my wife (NiKay) and I. In our first year, we did about 150 pick ups, and in our second year about 200.

Now, after eight years, the sense of purpose that I get from carrying other peoples loads away has not left me. I have an inclination, a drive, and a desire to complete every job professionally and efficiently.  For me, my drive and purpose behind Happy Hauling is that people need junk taken away, and I am happy to haul it. And it’s an added bonus that our customers have told us loud and clear that there is a need for our reliable, affordable junk removal service in this area.

Jonathan Lianga

Happy Hauling Junk Removal